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Pacman pie image Julia Solórzano


Graduation day

Last week I had the honor of helping graduate the very first cohort of students from The Iron Yard in Durham, NC. The entire day was filled with gratitude, kind words, thoughts and a brilliant showcase of the amazing work the students created during their intensive twelve weeks of training.

During the after-party on Demo Day this past Friday, I kept getting told things like “You must feel like a proud parent!” in relation to my work with the students. After hearing that a few times, I really could not seem to relate to the notion that these talented individuals and their work was being attributed to me. Because the truth is is that I feel much more like a good guide on their journey. Each student in my class got to where they are by their own perseverance, strength and utter talent.

This 12 week intensive program is something that everyone in the school goes through together as a team. And while I felt like I had my own journey during this time, that is for another blog post.

So congratulations to all of the students at The Iron Yard Academy in Durham! You all are amazing individuals who inspire me, each other and the world around you.

Now go punch the sky! \o/