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Review of the Cosmonaut stylus

I’ve been looking for a way to create quick sketches digitally. Just an easy way to share, create and mock-up ideas without having touch Photoshop. After going to Idan Gazit’s talk on sketching at PyCon a few weeks ago, I was really impressed with the pen he used. He said it was the Cosmonaut created by Studio Neat. I decided to order it to give it a try and here is my first impression.

I am a sucker for packaging and product design. If something comes in a cool package, I’m all over it. The box that the Cosmonaut comes in is a simple light weight chip board and has all sorts of cute space stuff printed on it! The pen looks like it’s ready for launch.

Cosmonaut stylus pen

The most surprising part, was how light weight it is! From the photos and video, I thought it was going to be fairly heavy and bulky. I’ve got little bitty hands and was a bit worried about this. Not a problem at all. It fits perfectly in my hand and is very easy to use.

Cosmonaut stylus pen

Another thing I like about it is that the tip of the pen is pliable. It really feels like you are writing with a large felt tip pen! Very well thought out design.

I will note that if you are going to use this on your iPad, you might want to turn off multitasking gestures. If you like to rest your hand on your “paper”, this will cause issues when you are drawing on your iPad.

Overall, I’d definitely say to give this pen a try. For $25, it’s a pretty good deal. Looking forward to lots of ideas and doodles to sprout from this.